Richard Young


Richard (RJ) Young   

Managing Director


Richard Young is the Managing Director of RJY Group, LLC. Mr. Young is a retired Marine veteran with more than 35 years of experience in Project Management, Transportation, and Logistics. He spent twenty years of honorable active service in the United States Marine Corps as a Transportation Chief/Officer. He has previously provided support to various Department of Defense (DOD) entities overseeing their Logistics and Asset Management Functions. His current role has him focused on the facilities maintenance of critical assets for multiple entities that include the DOD, Veterans Affairs, the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and has a presence in 7 states.
With his vast experience in government contracts and project management, Mr. Young is in charge of all aspects of daily and corporate operations for RJY Group including but not limited to operational policies and procedures, business and strategic initiatives, business development, project management, scheduling, procurement, quality control, safety, and closeout documentation.
He maintains an excellent reputation with customers and subcontractors to ensure there is clear communication as well as timely and successful completion of every project. His commitment to safety and accountability has earned both RJY Group and Mr. Young a stellar reputation within the industry with clients, subcontractors, and contracting personnel.
Richard’s unbending work ethic has allowed RJY Group to facilitate operations and ensure everything is completed and meets the client’s expectations and requirements.