IT Logistics Service

IT Software and Hardware Asset Management is a set of proven IT practices that unite people, processes, and technology to control and optimize the use of software across an organization.


IT Asset Compliance Management

    • Prepare organization to respond to Compliance Events
    • Assist organizations to gain greater control over IT assets
    • Assist in Software and Hardware discovery

IT Asset Identification

    • Define the physical Asset Identification Strategy
    • Develop & implement common procedure for receiving, accepting, and notification of all IT
    • Conduct audit to discover all IT assets

Document Management

    • Centralize asset information into one repository
    • Manage License Compliance
    • Define Terms and Conditions
    • Provide a basis for Business Continuity
    • Provide immediate access to Asset
    • Status & Reporting

Policy Development

    • Develop policies related to IT Asset Management
    • Evaluate core processes and recommend best

Disposal Management

    • Asset disposal Requirements identification
    • Accurately track disposed assets
    • Ensure legal & secure asset disposal
    • Software harvesting & reallocation

Vendor Management

    • Implement, organize, and document a system to track communication with vendors

Acquisition Management

    • Define and implement processes to manage acquisition
    • Evaluate leasing and redeployment as potential strategies

Telecommunication Management

    • Manage billing for Cellular phones and tablets
    • Manage assets by documenting issuing, and tracking handhelds

RJY Group, LLC also specializes in RFID, and RTLS. Through our innovation solutions and partners, we are able to provide customizable Logistics and Facility solutions, which provide a seamless flow of information, to give our growing client base true logistics visibility. More information below.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

We provide a wide variety of solutions, consulting and training services to end-users in both the commercial and government sectors. Our clients use RFID technology for asset and supply chain management, personnel operations, anti-counterfeiting and other applications in diverse industries such as healthcare, oil & gas, information technology, facilities and maintenance and government operations. We also offer a whole range of training solutions for RFID development.

RTLS (Real Time Location System)

RJY Group, LLC provides analytical tools to transform Real-Time Location Data into operational intelligence. We deliver business intelligence and actionable insights to make objective, data-driven decisions and improve your bottom line. We gain unique visibility into the mobile assets, people, and processes that drive your business with RTLS tracking.


Drive operational efficiency and value in your facilities and manufacturing flow.  RJY Group provides real-time location visibility and insights to streamline production, optimize your supply chain logistics, and lower operating costs by tracking equipment, parts, materials, personnel and work-in-process.


Deliver better care while improving your bottom line. RJY Group provides real-time clinical workflow and enterprise efficiency solutions that help healthcare organizations enhance patient experience, improve care team coordination, streamline operational workflows, and improve productivity and staff efficiency, and lower costs.