Case Study

VA Medical Center Houston

RJY Group was contracted by the VA Medical Center of Houston to perform audits on 66 medical closets.

The purpose of the medical closet audits was to match the items listed in the VA Medical Center enterprise application against those present in the Careline Medical Closets.  Our final report established 8000 scans.  Of those scans 3,825 were ghost products which were purged.  Those 3,825 products represented 48% of the total products scanned.  RJY Group performed the actual audits, while the client, upon receipt of the scanned data performed the data purge.

Our team was able complete 25 closets while reducing the center’s liability by $3,823,872.31 in less than 3 months.  The need for staff sponsorship significantly hindered our rate of capture.  There are 41 remaining Medical closets in need of reconciliation.  Of the remaining closets, those associated with the OR on the 5th floor are most critical (Approx. 8 Closets).  Some of those closets are listed as having over 600 items.

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